Mayoralty Candidate Brandon Bay

Mayoralty Candidate Brandon Bay “I am strongly in favour of a Bank Street O-Train”

In an exclusive interview today, Ottawa Mayoralty candidate Brandon Bay says “I am strongly in favour of a Bank St O-Train.”

Candidate Bay also says “It is difficult to believe that Lansdowne Park, which the city pushes as one of its top entertainment destinations, is not already a part of our rapid transit network. Serving it and all of Centretown is essential to having a viable public transportation system.”

When asked if candidate Bay supports a Bank Street O-Train subway option or surface line, he responded “I could support either a surface line or tunnel.”

When asked what the benefits are with the subway option running from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre to Parliament station, Bay responded “Building underground, the line preserves car access to Bank Street, and removes buses from traffic.”

Map created by Antoin Sauve

When asked about the above ground surface line candidate Bay says “Above ground, council could save a significant amount of money, and explore pedestrianizing Bank Street north of Holmwood to create a great people-friendly street in the heart of the city.”

When asked why large numbers of residents in both the suburbs of Ottawa and the downtown core are excited for the Bank Street O-Train candidate Bay says “Bank Street is simply full of incredible destinations, from downtown to South Keys. Building transit along it is an obvious choice, and one that is essential to creating complete communities citywide.”



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