“I think Bank Street O-Train will have a positive impact on ridership numbers for Confederation Line 1" Kevin Hua Ward 6 Stittsville Candidate

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5 min readSep 22, 2022


Kevin Hua Ward 6 Stittsville Candidate

I ask Kevin Hua Ward 6 Stittsville candidate if he plans to use public transit if elected to city council:

“I will continue to use Confederation Line 1 and public transit in general if elected because that’s what I currently do now. I use transit for everything and have all of my life.”

What are your thoughts on the voices calling for a Bank Street O-Train subway from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre to Parliament Station?

“We should get the reports and studies first to analyze the Bank Street O-Train and make a smart decision. I should not and will not stand in the way of the downtown councilors if they want Bank Street O-Train and what they bring forward is up to spec and we meet accountability and transparency measures with a reasonable price. It will take time, these projects are very large to develop the infrastructure is tremendous.”

What are the benefits of the Bank Street O-Train Subway?

Televised debates on Bank Street O-Train Subway

“O-Train Subway benefits would minimize disruption on Bank Street and it would protect people from the elements in the cold during the winter and rain which would increase ridership numbers. But I want to see the reports first. I don’t want to commit to underground or surface lines before I have all the information. With both the Ottawa Senators hockey team and Redblacks football team we are going to see an increase in congestion in the core with private vehicles as it is currently set up and that’s a problem.”

What impact will the Bank Street O-Train subway have if it proceeds?

“I think Bank Street O-Train will have a positive impact on ridership numbers for Confederation Line 1 especially when it eventually gets here to Stittsville. I think if there were more ways to get downtown like Bank Street, we would naturally see an increase in traffic on Confederation Line 1. If Bank Street O-Train is the fastest way to my destinations in the core I would definitely use it as well. Bank Street is essentially our main road through the downtown.”

CFRA 580 discussing Bank Street O-Train

What are your thoughts when you hear councillors and and candidates in other wards talk about the Bank Street O-Train subway?

“I agree with Ward 23 Kanata South candidate Erin Coffin when she said Bank Street O-Train can make connecting communities doable and we have to keep that in mind, we are one city that is growing rapidly.”

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