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Former Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien Calls for Bank Street O-Train Tunnel

Clinton Desveaux
3 min readDec 15, 2020


With the recent announcement of the REM Extension in Montreal - former Ottawa Mayor, Larry O’Brien, who served from 2006 through 2010, calls for “next steps” in planning the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel. An idea that has captivated people throughout Ottawa in recent weeks. Many believe the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel would eliminate passenger vehicle congestion, emissions, and noise on one of Ottawa’s busiest streets.

Map created by Antoine Sauvé

The Bank Street O-Train would run an electric LRT 4.5 km north/south through the city core from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre to Parliament Station Confederation Line 1 which runs east/west through the city eventually connecting Stittsville to Cumberland. Many Ottawans argue the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel would help stabilize Lansdowne Stadium’s financial situation. Others argue the idea would be a nation building project giving Canadians easier access to key National Capital Commission properties. Some residents have argued the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel is linked to student accommodation & food security; while others argue it would help with employment opportunities. Some hotel operators in the downtown core argue the idea would help boost tourism. While others believe it would reduce traffic emissions and congestion in the downtown.

Mayor O’Brien goes on to say “I like this plan a lot. We should get it on the plan for the next steps . Very well done!”

When I phoned Mayor O’Brien today he said, “it’s important Ottawa plan for the future, to meet the needs of the people instead of just developers. The Ottawa south catch basin makes the case for the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel substantial.”

In recent weeks, Mayor O’Brien has said - “Bank Street O-Train Tunnel is a great idea that would be a tremendous addition to the existing rail network, an idea that goes back to 2006. It needs to be grade separated via tunnel. We need to get the core right, otherwise the rest of the system won’t work, it’s called a network effect, I would be the first person to say let’s build the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel.”

Bank Street O-Train Tunnel Video from YouTube

Multiple politicians past & present at all 3 levels of government have expressed support for the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel during the past month. The Ottawa university & college communities, businesses, and community groups have expressed a desire to see the project proceed. For more stories on Ottawa Bank Street O-Train Tunnel see links below:

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