Bank Street O-Train: “Beyond Billings Bridge to Findlay Creek” Mayoral Candidate Singh

Clinton Desveaux
4 min readJul 18, 2022


Photograph used by permission from City of Ottawa/OC Transpo

“We need a new perspective, and fresh ideas with outside of the box thinking for the next Ottawa city council. We need to be proactive with our infrastructure instead of reactive” says Mayoral Candidate Param Singh. Singh also believes “this is exactly what we need with Bank Street, we need to look at moving the Bank Street O-Train idea beyond Billings Bridge to Findlay Creek; so that we reach Blossom Park and other communities south of Billings.”

Mayoral Candidate Param Singh

“Bank Street is ideal because its our longest and most important north/south road that connects many communities. Our city is growing and the downtown core is a hassle people to get in and out of, Bank has a lot to offer but it’s very congested” says Candidate Singh.

“I agree with Councillor Riley Brockington when he said - ‘what we have now is completely dysfunctional, Bank Street is gridlocked’ - we have to find a solution. The subway makes sense in the winter. People use the Metro in Montreal all the time including in the winter. The idea is supported by almost all of the people and it makes sense to have something that works” according to Singh.

Candidate Singh believes “once the O-Train leaves Billings Bridge to points further south, it should be above ground to Findlay Creek and we need to work together as a team on city council. Lastly on the transit front, we need to eventually build a 2nd east/west line further south across the city.”

CFRA 580 discussing Bank Street O-Train

Mayoral Candidate Singh says he also wants “to make an affordable public housing action plan a high priority item for the next city council. We will make sure we have the right people in these internal positions in order to get things done for the people. And that also means respecting our city green spaces. We also need to be more energy efficient. That means working with the province and the federal government to make sure we have access to program money that is available. The city has a lot of work on that issue that needs to get done.”

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